Insulation with polyurethane foam (PUR)

As the EMBEPUR® brand, we represent thirty years of experience in the polyurethane industry. We can proudly say that we are a Polish brand, producing and developing products in Poland, which reliably and diligently respond to the constantly growing needs of the market, especially of the modern construction industry.

We strive to be as close to contractors as possible, offering them full support and competences. We are guided by authenticity, focusing on speed, innovation and advanced technologies that provide certainty, while guaranteeing the durability of the solutions used.

We specialise in the distribution of polyurethane systems (PUR). Today, based on the knowledge and experience gained over the years, we have made a mature decision to undertake the manufacturing of our own polyurethane spray systems.

One of our most important goals is to build the EMBEPUR brand, which will have a positive impact on the lives of people (investors), improving their comfort and safety, but without significant impact on the finances and the surrounding reality.

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Precise thermal insulation of walls and facades.

The advanced technology of the product results in high adhesion of the foam to various building and construction materials. As a result, this product insulates precisely

Very fast method to insulate private and developers buildings

Thanks to the unique spray technology, it takes only a few hours to insulate a typical attic. When spraying is done, you can proceed to the next finishing works of the attic.

Modern solution for the 21st century

Polyurethane has been known since 1989, but the technology of its production has not stood still and is being developed all the time. Renewable raw materials, low VOC content ... a long time to mention new innovations.

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Polyurethane spray insulation enables the sufficient and complete insulation of attic spaces, a source of about a 25% of the energy losses for heating or cooling, allowing you to effectively save money by reducing your operating costs, while also protecting the natural environment. Thanks to this we achieve triple protection against: cold, draughts and noise.


Thanks to the insulation of ceilings with polyurethane spray foam, the loss of heat from the rooms is effectively limited, allowing thermal comfort to be maintained. In addition, as the ceiling does not cool, moisture does not condense on it. This helps protect interiors against the potential for microbiological hazards. Due to the universality of spray polyurethane foams, the required thickness of the insulation layer depends on the temperature in the room.


Insulating the walls on the inside is often the only possible way to improve the thermal insulation of a building. In such a situation, spray PUR foams can be one of the fastest and most effective solutions, mainly by minimising the relatively high risk of moisture formation inside the partitioning and hence avoiding the appearance of mould on the walls. Foam sprays are also used as a system of acoustic insulation for internal walls.